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An European Atelier for Engineering and Computational Sciences

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dc.contributor.other Fotia, Giorgio
dc.date.accessioned 2013-11-05T11:04:49Z
dc.date.available 2013-11-05T11:04:49Z
dc.date.issued 2005-01-01
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/11050/208
dc.description.abstract The EUA4X (European Atelier for Engineering and Computational Sciences) Series of Events will provide a well-balanced and focused training program in the field of computational sciences (ECS). ECS are a crucial part of the new century technologies, offering the potential for advance knowledge in a wide range of technical processes and physical phenomena of very high societal interest. This era of unprecedented simulation capability will be made possible by the increased sophistication of physical and mathematical modelling tools combined with the never ending advances in computer technology and information sciences. However, this situation is far from achieved, due to a shortage of multidisciplinary skilled researchers combined with the challenge of complex software development. The enabling technologies are available separately, but the know-how is very dispersed and rarely combined in a multidisciplinary context for the solution of complex problems. EUA4X aims to cure this lack of coherence and shortage of skilled labour force by offering a European wide training environment combining the competences of educational and research institutions with a very wide horizon and experience. A coherent program is offered that tackles both the enabling technologies and a number of important applications. This will be achieved through a well balanced program of 9 formal training courses, as well as 14 application oriented hands-on lecture series and workshops, tackling the above mentioned enabling technologies as well a s a selection of sophisticated applications. To better integrate the young researchers in the professional world of the scientific community, 4 events are planned which are organised as guest events in high-level scientific conferences. To preserve and structure the know-how, strong use will be made of e-learning tools, to make the outcomes of the project available for the development of competences of a larger community during the project and far beyond. IT
dc.language.iso en IT
dc.subject information processing IT
dc.subject information systems IT
dc.subject information and communication technology applications IT
dc.subject computational sciences IT
dc.title An European Atelier for Engineering and Computational Sciences IT
dc.title.alternative EUA4X IT
dc.type Scheda progetto CRS4 IT
dc.date.datafine 2007-12-31
dc.subject.een-cordis EEN CORDIS::SCIENZE BIOLOGICHE ::Ricerca sul genoma ::Bioinformatica IT
dc.subject.progetti Progetti::Bando competitivo/Grant::Finanziamento europeo/internazionale::EC FP7, FP6, FP5::EUA 4X - European Atelier for Engineering and Computational Sciences IT
dc.identifier.reference MSCF-CT-2004-013336 IT
dc.description.statusprogettoCRS4 Completato IT
dc.description.contributionbudgetCRS4 € 68.484 IT
dc.subject.program Program::Biomedicine::Bioinformatics (BI) IT
dc.identifier.websiteproject http://www.eua4x.net/index.html IT
dc.contributor.partner Consorzio TCN-Italy-coordinator IT
dc.contributor.partner CRS4-Italy-contractor IT
dc.contributor.partner International Centre For Mechanical Sciences (CISM)-Italy-contractor IT
dc.contributor.partner Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI)-Belgium-contractor IT
dc.contributor.partner CNR-Italy-contractor IT
dc.contributor.partner Utrecht University-The Netherlands-contractor IT
dc.contributor.partner International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)-Spain-contractor IT

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